The 2014 ‘Art Outside the Box’ Spring Staff Art Show Event

Photos and Memorabilia by Marquita Drabek & Karene Gonzalez

See 2013 pics

When: Friday, March 28th – Saturday, April 5th.  Save the Date!

Where: Penrose Library Lobby

What: A broad-based show of Staff creativity. A display of artistic creations made by Whitman College Staff members. Get started now on your projects! Think outside the box! Traditional or non-traditional expression is welcome. Share what you think has artistic value!

· What’s your creative outlet?

· What do you do in your spare time that makes you a more interesting person?

Paintings…woodcut printmaking…jewelry design…pottery… woodworking… clothing and textile arts…creative writing…Bonsai and hòn non bộ …knitting and quilting… photography… Media CD/DVD (ex: music/dance performance; stand-up comedy)… multimedia…software apps…whatever!

Who: Art submissions restricted to Staff (only). With viewing by the whole Whitman College community.

Application deadline: March 7, 2014 . Send this proposal form to Jen Pope (

Art Outside the Box Proposal Form (MS Word)